HIT Startup Designs Kinect Rehabilitation Tracker


As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, some surgeons have used the Microsoft Xbox Kinect video game console to help their precision during a procedure. This health information technology could not only save time, but also could lead to less invasive procedures as well. Health information technology (HIT) companies have been working to figure out other potential ways of using video game technology, such as the Xbox Kinect, to help patient care.

MEDCITY News recently published an article on a new health information technology startup that is currently developing a physical rehabilitation tracker software that uses the Xbox Kinect motion software. Reflexion Health is designing this Rehabilitation Tracker program for doctors or physical therapists to prescribe to patients.

The Rehabilitation Tracker allows patients to watch instruction videos, do their required rehabilitation exercises in front of the Xbox Kinect camera, and get feedback on how correct their motions are. The software also allows physical therapists to track how well the patients perform the exercise and if they are adhering to the set rehabilitation schedule. This is especially important because physicians are facing issues where patients don’t adhere to the set rehabilitation schedules.

Many other health information technology companies are also investing in similar software developments, as mentioned by the MEDCITY News article. The article also has a great video (below) on how the Rehabilitation Tracker works and how it can help change the way physical therapy treatments are provided.

Health information technology companies are constantly coming out with innovative ways of using video game technology, such as the Xbox Kinect, to help physicians provide better patient care. We’re looking forward to seeing what new types of new healthcare software will be designed in the coming years!