Versatility of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)



Nitin Chhoda, a physical therapist and marketing expert, explains some of the versatile benefits of electronic medical records (EMR) in this article. He explains that EMR is not just another software to document medical records, but has many other uses that can help your practice.

EMR can help you save time by easily sharing patient information between physicians. You don’t have to wait long hours to receive a patient paper chart from another clinic or practice, but can easily receive the whole medical history of the patient on your computer or tablet. Electronic medical records are particularly beneficial in the even of a natural disaster, because then patient’s record can still be accessed in this type of situation.

Implementing EMR can help increase your productivity by allowing you to spend more time with patients instead of writing notes on a patient’s chart. It can also help your practice save money because you will no longer need to pay for storage and disposal of paper patient records. EMR systems can also make billing and coding more efficient for your practice.

The most interesting versatile use of electronic medical records is it’s use as a marketing tool for your practice. EMR systems can help you monitor where your business is coming from by tracking new patients and referrals. It can help you decide whether to expand your services offered or relocate your practice to a different area to increase patients. You can also use an EMR system to track staffing needs and improve customer service.

Electronic medical records systems are more than just a way of documenting patient records electronically. They can benefit your practice by saving time and money, and can even help market your practice.

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