Amazing Charts, an electronic health record (EHR) vendor, was recently bought by Pri-Med, which is a continuing medical education (CME) vendor. Amazing Charts’ president Jon Bertman, who will remain president, said the announcement was met with approval by customers and believes this partnership will help their EHR software development, as reported by EHR Intelligence.

The details of the deal are unknown, but with the amount of funding put into EHR companies and the changes in EHR certification and meaningful use criteria within the past year, Bertman knew Amazing Charts needed a new partnership. Amazing Charts had a prior relationship with Pri-Med formed through an overlap of customers, so after agreeing to not sell Amazing Charts’ patient data to the highest bidder and not move the company headquarters, they were able to approve a deal.

Pri-Med is a CME vendor, which helps medical professionals learn about new areas and technology in their field. Pri-Med is not directly in the EHR field, so there were concerns that Amazing Charts would just supply data to Pri-Med, but these concerns were dispelled. These potential fears may have been caused by the recent disarray of AllScripts when there was talk of acquisition.

The majority of Amazing Charts’ customers have given positive feedback about the acquisition. These healthcare providers have been assured that the product will continue to exist and the cost will not increase.

“We want to keep our product and [Pri-Med is] going to give us the resources to advance it in the parallel tracks that we’ve been unable to get done competing against [EHR companies] that have money to spend on their own advertising,” Bertman said.

Amazing Charts was also eager to be able to help customers with certification requirements, such as attaining meaningful use. They were spending resources helping clients get meaningful use in all stages, therefore, couldn’t focus on improving aspects of the EHR software, such as practice management. Now, Amazing Charts can focus on both with the help of Pri-Med.