LiveHealth Online Allows Patients to Consult with Doctors Online



Anthem Blue Cross has just launched the new LiveHealth Online service and is currently testing it with a few of their customers. This service allows patients to securely consult with a doctor online using video chat.

Anthem Blue Cross president Pam Kehaly says this new innovative service offers the access, convenience and affordability of health care that members have requested.

For non-emergency health issues, LiveHealth Online is more convenient and affordable than visiting a doctor’s office. With this service, patients can search for available doctors and connect with them using a two-way video chat. These live consultations allow patients to safely address their non-urgent health issues with board-certified primary care doctors, without the patient having to go out of his or her way. Members can communicate with a doctor directly from home or work, through any computer.

LiveHealth Online could also help lessen the burden doctors are facing due to a growing shortage of doctors. They are able to see more patients, yet still provide full health care service. Doctors can access the patient’s medical records, add to the record with the patient’s permission, and even prescribe medication as needed.

LiveHealth Online is an innovative service that integrates technology and health care delivery, which has the amazing potential to make health care more affordable and convenient for patients.

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