Seize Control of Your History to Control Your Future

Part of negotiating the healthcare world is overcoming what feels like a lack of control for consumers. Sometimes that is tied to not being able to get your records or not remembering details that you need to get the right care for you or your loved ones. There are a few foundational scenarios that will give you much more control even in trying times. One of those is owning your medical history. If you have access to a copy of your records in your home, office or even safety deposit box you're ahead of the game.

1. If your provider gets hacked and you'll have your information and won't be racing to see if it's still available with everyone else impacted.
2. For most individuals of remembering the details of your medical history can be a guessing game. You may have moved, change doctors, forgotten medications, changed insurance plans, plus countless other details. Keeping tabs and having access to your records allows you to be in more control of your health.
3. You're not alone. You are responsible for your loved ones and stress levels can be on the rise when you are trying to help your children or spouse, but need your medical history. We typically worry less about ourselves, but taking control for your family will help alleviate additional stressors if and when the time comes you need your information.

Having you medical records is like having insurance. If you knew you were always going to be healthy and alright you wouldn't worry about it. Like insurance, having your records gives you the peace of mind to manage the situation more effectively and get the care you need and deserve.



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