Exploring the Many Benefits of Exercise for Arthritis



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arthritis, Exploring the Many Benefits of Exercise for Arthritis

We all know regular exercise is beneficial: mentally, physically and emotionally. We also know it can be hard to motivate ourselves sometimes, especially if we are dealing with the pain of osteoarthritis.

One of my special interests is arthritis. This includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which is a whole new kettle of fish and is an inflammatory disorder.

I love finding the results of new research and exercise which can help keep you moving. You just can’t escape a medical background sometimes!


Once thought to be a wear and tear ailment, scientists now believe that OA is a disease of the joints, although joint damage caused by joint stress is still considered a major cause!

OA can be severely debilitating and can cause great pain, most especially in those joints that have been used and abused the most: knees, hands, fingers, spine. There are a variety of methods for treatment, and exercise is crucial to maintaining movement and easing stiffness. There is no cure.

Why Do We Get Osteoarthritis?

According to latest research, genetics play a huge part in the occurrence of OA. Joint injury can cause wear and tear. Occupation can be responsible if you had a job that involved repetitive strain on your joints, especially hands, knees and hips.

Another cause is stress on the joints from playing sports. Finally, being overweight, or having excess weight, makes it harder for the joints to perform and harder for you…