Tips for Buying Swimwear for the Rest of the Year



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swimsuit, Tips for Buying Swimwear for the Rest of the Year

The long, hot days of summer are well behind us — but that doesn’t mean you’ve taken your last dip of 2017. Fall and winter are rife with swimming opportunities: You might journey to the coast before autumn winds get too chilly; you could plan a holiday vacation in a perpetually warm tropical place; and you will probably enjoy a few hours relaxing in a heated tub or pool. Summer isn’t the only season for swimwear, which might mean it’s time for you to get a new suit.

Even if you aren’t planning to take a dip in the coming months, it isn’t a bad idea to shop for swimwear at the beginning of fall. By now, retailers have restocked on all their most popular swimsuits for older ladies, and many boast fantastic sales with low prices on swim styles you won’t see again until this time next year.

Still, as always when you go swim shopping, you must be careful how you shop if you want to end up in a style that is flattering. Here are a few tips for choosing a swimsuit this late in the year:

Don’t Follow Your Instincts

When you are feeling insecure about certain areas of your body, your first instinct is usually to cover it up. After all, if you can’t see any skin, other people probably won’t notice your flaws. Indeed, with swimwear, women use tankinis, boy shorts, and thick control panels to cover up the features of their bodies they are most uncomfortable with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

Because swimwear is supposed to be skin-tight and relatively revealing, any extra fabric will only serve to highlight your flaws. Tight suits, sleeves, and pant legs are often designed to suck everything in and give you a slimmer shape, but often your flesh will pour out of openings, ballooning…