Letter: Kneeling Is a Non-Violent Protest But It’s Ignorant Nonetheless



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Police work in some brutal neighborhoods, but if people would just behave — bingo!

Be good, obey the law and give the police no reason to act.

As a black Tea Party grandmother, I watched my country groan from eight years of Barack Obama and every one of those days embarrassed me.

This embarrassment should be over and done, but I get the feeling that the socialist media and the Progressive Establishment want a Divided States of America. After all, liberals are not allowed to think for themselves.

Now why exactly are grown, well-paid men taking a knee on the football field? To protect workplace injuries? Because they are sleepy? They are being used just like the campus brats who but think dishonoring America will win them points with the public. Some of us are lucky and avoid groupthink and fake news, but what do we do about the people who have been taught fake history?

What does taking a knee mean to me? Football quarterbacks take a knee to…