Why you need to test for allergies (and the easiest assessment you can get)



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Allergies are like annoying neighbors we all must eventually learn to tolerate and live with. Manage the symptoms, avoid the allergens, take a pill if you need to, and you’ll be fine.

As such, most of us don’t even bother to find out what we’re allergic to and submit to them as soon as symptoms manifest in our bodies.

But allergies are tricky. Yes, they can totally be harmless but they can also be fatal as well. They can hit you right in the gut the least you expect them.

Take my case, for example. I was already 27 years old when I was diagnosed with food allergy. I was having the loveliest candle-lit dinner in a five-star restaurant, when a bite of a prawn thermidor dish caused my lips to swell. An hour later, I was rushed to the hospital. Suffice to say, my expensive dinner date was ruined by a stupid allergy.

Surprises and hassles like this can be avoided had I been pre-tested for allergies.

Enter LifeScience Center, a holistic clinic in Bonifacio Global City. The center recently launched the Faber Test, a diagnostic test for allergies, which tests for a broad range of allergens. Here’s what I learned about the Faber Test.

1. It tests a comprehensive and wide range of allergens. The Faber Test evaluates 122 allergenic molecules and 122 allergenic extracts from 123 different allergenic sources. This includes allergies to mites and other insects, pollen from weeds, grass and trees, epithelia of…