If you see a teal pumpkin on Halloween, here’s what it means.


Teal pumpkin

The Evans family will have a teal pumpkin on their doorstep this Halloween, and hope others will, too.

Teal is the new orange in the allergy world during trick-or-treat season. The color signifies a home where no candy will be given out on Oct. 31. Instead, nonfood treats, such as small toys and trinkets.

The main character in Suzy Brophy’s new children’s book, “Macy’s Teal Pumpkin,” is named after 6-year-old Macy Evans. Brophy, who taught Macy at Francis Asbury Preschool and Kindergarten, plans to read her book at two upcoming local Halloween events.

Before Macy was in her class, Brophy didn’t know much about food allergies.

“Macy’s mom asked if I had heard about the teal pumpkin idea,” she said. So, “my sensory boxes, food crafts, and the way we celebrated birthdays and holidays would have to change,” said Brophy, who lives in Lakeview Shores.

Each year her class planted “magic” pumpkin seeds outside, and returned the next day to find real tiny orange pumpkins. Then, they’d paint and decorate them. Brophy added a twist. She showed the children how to mix blue, green, yellow and white paint to create the color, teal.

She searched for a book to explain the meaning behind the colored pumpkins. There…