Photo: Taylor Jurd
Photo: Taylor Jurd

This October is Safe Work Month, a reminder to all employees and workers across Australia to build safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.

According to Safe Work Australia work-related injury and disease cost the Australian community $61.8 billion in a year.

Safe Work Australia’s agriculture key work health and safety data found 40 workers in the agricultural industry are killed each year.

Of those killed in the ag sector, 54 per cent are men aged 55 years and over.

There are 2800 serious claims each year in agriculture and one in 5 serious claims due to live four-legged animals.

A SafeWork NSW spokesperson said workers in the agriculture sector are at greater risk of being killed or injured at work than most.

“While farmers make up just a small fraction of the State’s total workforce, they make up a large number of workplace deaths and serious injuries,” they said.

“Farms often have the added complexity of being both workplace and home to the families that run them.

“Major workers compensation claims and worker deaths have steadily declined over the years however too many people continue to be injured and killed on farms.”

The spokesperson said SafeWork NSW is committed to working with the agriculture sector to drive down the numbers of work-related deaths and injuries on farms and reducing the far reaching impact these tragedies have on close-knit rural families, communities and workplaces.

The SafeWork NSW spokesperson said farms should have rules and procedures on how…