Healthy Eating After 60: Love Your Refrigerator and Barely Like Your Pantry



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refrigerator, Healthy Eating After 60: Love Your Refrigerator and Barely Like Your Pantry

If you give a visual check of your fridge and pantry, it is more than likely that your pantry may come out as better stocked. This is probably true in most cases because there are other items stored besides food on the shelves.

Take a second to look and inventory how much packaged food you have in the pantry. Here are a few foods that are healthful and won’t get on the bad list.

Brown organic pasta

Black olives

Organic olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

Canned wild salmon


Spices and herbs

Regular oatmeal

What Should Reside in Your Fridge?

Please note that I am not telling you to go and throw out all the food in your pantry. However, your fridge should be laden with tons of fresh produce, yogurt, freshly prepared salad dressings, cheese and whatever else is fresh and healthful that doesn’t have a list of ingredients.

I, personally, don’t completely trust labels that have words like ‘healthy’ and ‘natural.’ These words can be interpreted in many different ways.

The Cost of Eating Fresh Foods

Many people feel that if they buy fresh foods it will cost them an arm and a leg and stretch budgets beyond their means. But, eliminating junk food from your house, such as chips, cookies, candy, sugary drinks and more, will save you a ton of money on its own. Another way of saving on fresh food is to look for sales and also purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I admit: it sometimes takes more time to prepare fresh foods than it does to open a package or a can. I honestly spend between 15 and 30 minutes (at the most) to prepare our dinner. I like giving myself a pat on the back every day for eating healthy.

How Important Is Organic Food?

I do not buy only organic produce or any other organic foods. If you clean your produce properly you will rid a lot of the pesticide residue. If you are into buying only organic foods…