Safex leader finds satisfaction in helping firms keep workers safe



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Dianne Grote Adams knows it takes more than health and safety posters to protect workers on the job. It takes engaged employees to keep a factory floor or a university lab safe. How do you get employees excited about OSHA compliance? A little laughter never hurts.

“Most people would agree that health and safety can be a very dry subject,” said Adams, founder and president of Safex. “We’re not afraid to laugh. It can be a very serious business, but you can also have fun while you’re learning about it.”

Safex employee safety trainings are interactive and often involve funny anecdotes from trainees’ minor on-the-job mishaps. The trainings and safety-support packages keep workers safe and employers OSHA-compliant. Safex certified professionals also dispatch quickly to construction sites or manufacturing facilities for industrial hygiene assessments and air quality testing, or to place contractors in unstaffed safety positions.

Workplace injuries cost employers almost $1 billion every week in direct workers’ compensation costs, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Employers’ indirect costs can run three to 10 times the direct costs, Adams said.

“That’s a lot of savings a company can realize when they get an effective program in place,” she said. Adams spoke with Columbus CEO magazine about her company and the value of creating a culture of safety in the workplace.

Q: Does safety training and preparation save businesses money in the long term?

A: Assisting with putting in a good strong safety program helps avoid injuries. That saves in workers’ comp costs, which is one small piece of the overall costs associated with worker injuries….