La Crosse County excessive drinking report shows mixed results



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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – With two centuries of brewing history, La Crosse is no stranger to alcohol.

The fourth Burden of Risky Alcohol Use report for La Crosse County reveals important progress in some areas but major concerns in others.

“Binge drinking is something that has always been prevalent in the state of Wisconsin and we always rank near the bottom of all the states in terms of our binge drinking and by the bottom I mean we have one of the worst drinking rates in the whole country,” said Catherine Kolkmeier with the La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium.

La Crosse County, La Crosse County excessive drinking report shows mixed results
The report reveals the economic cost of excessive alcohol use in La Crosse County is $105 million.

That’s a little more than $900 each year per resident.

“There are lots of reasons for that and we see that really in the cost to law enforcement, the cost to hospitals and emergency rooms, the cost to individuals in terms of injuries that they receive,” Kolkmeier said.

State and national research reports binge drinking is responsible for about 77 percent of…