5 Health Benefits Of Meditation



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meditation, 5 Health Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is increasingly popular among Americans. And for good reason: the list of conditions that can be eased by regular practice is long and growing, with many of them particularly common among seniors. Since it’s so simple and doesn’t require high levels of overall fitness, this complementary treatment seems tailor-made for older adults.

So what exactly can meditation do for you? Read on for more.

1. It makes your heart healthier.

Stress is one of the key contributing factors of cardiovascular diseases. That’s where meditation comes to the rescue. According to the analysis funded by National Institute of Health, it can significantly reduce hypertension by alleviating stress levels. It also halts the risk of heart attack and stroke by 48% and improves overall cardiovascular function.

2. It sharpens your memory.

As we age, certain physiological changes can occur in our brain, often leading to occasional forgetfulness or confusion, both of which are perfectly normal. Even as we age, the brain maintains the ability to produce new cells, which, among other things, can be done through meditation. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said that everyday practice thickens the area of the brain that is responsible for memory. Meditation may even slow down the progression of memory-related diseases,…