high heels
high heels

Employers will no longer be allowed to enforce the mandatory wearing of high heels in the workplace after a bill is set to be introduced on Tuesday at Queen’s Park.

The bill, titled “Putting Your Best Foot Forward Act,” will be introduced by Davenport MPP Christina Martins in an effort to minimize the amount of women suffering from poor foot health.

Six per cent of Canadians suffer from foot injuries but women are four times as likely to have long term problems when it comes to foot health, according to the Canadian Federation of Podiatrists. The federation said this is likely caused by women wearing high heels for long periods of time.

“Ontario podiatrists see far too many patients with injuries in the workplace that are entirely avoidable that are caused by wearing footwear that is inappropriate or outright unsafe,” Doctor of podiatric medicine James Hill said. “Clinical evidence demonstrates that wearing high heeled shoes causes a much higher incidence of bunions, musculoskeletal pain and injury than those who do not wearing high heels.”

“Podiatrists treat foot pain and deformities in women twice as often as foot disabilities in men, often due to having to wear high heels in their workplace.”

Martins said the new bill will work to enhance the protections of workers.

“Workplace safety should always be the number one priority, safety at work should be as simple as buckling your seatbelt,” Martins said. “This legislation will…