Young: Be safe, not sorry



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In the past week, three children under the age of 10 in the county where I live have died in accidents. One of those accidents was a mobile home fire in a small, rural community.

The other two were farm accidents. Although all were accidental, a parent was behind the wheel when the children were killed on their home farms.

The horror, the sadness and the guilt a parent must feel when a child dies in this way is unimaginable. It is heart-wrenching. The “what if’s?” are infinite.

Parents and siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends and community are forever changed in some way by this unnecessary tragic event.

Every three days, a child dies in a farm-related accident in this country. Every single day, 33 children are injured in farm-related accidents in this country. Most farm-related injuries occur in the Midwest.

Injury statistics compiled by the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety in Marshfield, Wis., confirms that the leading sources of fatalities are machinery, at 25 percent, motor vehicles and ATVs, at 17 percent, and drowning, at 16 percent.

Most children are fearless. They are not likely to sense danger.

Many have not yet learned the real dangers around them or developed the instinct that comes…