Holding On to Your Identity With Chronic Illness



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chronic condition, Holding On to Your Identity With Chronic Illness

Chronic illness shows up whenever it wants to, as we all know; however, this week is such an important one as we have two major opportunities in our arena to advocate for ourselves and many others. This also leads into a marvelous coaching piece.

This week is Invisible Disability Week (a.k.a. Invisible Illness Week) as well as Right Care Action Week. If you’ve lived with chronic illness for any length of time, then you are fully aware of the stigmas that accompany them, albeit unfortunate and at times cruel. Depending upon your exposure to the world, people in general, peers, physicians, social media platforms, your own personality type, self awareness and/or whether or not it’s just “one of those days,” it can become all-consuming on multiple levels and quite difficult to keep from losing your own identity and sense of self. Often times people just get “caught up” and consumed with the many that they forget about the one – themselves. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves then who is?

Chronic illness isn’t “one size fits all.” It is extremely patient specific. What works for one may not work for another. What goes on in one person’s life with their diagnosis may not hold true to the next. This doesn’t make it a false statement – merely DNA and chemical makeup at work. Just like medication management and side effects or holistic approaches and how those may or may not benefit one person or the next. It would be simply marvelous if the same…