I Need Others to Understand That Medication Can’t Solve All My Health Problems



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pharmaceutical drug, I Need Others to Understand That Medication Can’t Solve All My Health Problems

For a lot of people, being sick is as simple as going to the doctor and being given some antibiotics, but for the thousands of us who aren’t going to get better, it’s a grueling process of going to your GP and being given a prescription with a list of medications that may or may not work. Many doctors may have given up on explaining what they’re giving you, and sometimes they don’t check whether or not you’re able to take this new medication. I was recently prescribed some new anti-nausea meds that could’ve reacted badly with my pain meds and if my pharmacist hadn’t realized this it could’ve had some major consequences.

You see, my peers judge me for the medications I take, often telling me about an article they’ve read and insisting I should stop taking all medications and try something they read about online. While this seems like a miracle cure to them, it’s not always that simple. For starters, if I were to just stop taking my meds, who knows how my body may react. Can you guarantee that if I try this miracle cure my body will magically become pain-free? Will my blood stop clotting? Will I suddenly be able to absorb the vitamins I eat? You see, I hate living with all these tablets; I am very much aware of all the things that could go wrong, so I don’t need to be told that I’m killing myself.

The thought of what all these medicines are doing to my body in the long run terrifies me, and taking a new medicine fills me with anxiety every time and more often than not, I can’t tell if my body is reacting badly to a new drug or if I’m just panicking…