President Trump Signs Executive Order Weakening the Affordable Care Act



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Donald Trump, President Trump Signs Executive Order Weakening the Affordable Care Act

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday morning that seeks to weaken aspects of the Affordable Care Act, a move critics say could drive up costs for people with serious health needs.

The executive order asks for federal agencies to expand small businesses’ ability to band together and form associations to negotiate and buy cheaper, less-regulated health insurance. These associations and healthcare options would be expanded across state lines and wouldn’t be subjected to many ACA rules, including requirements for mental health coverage, maternity care, and regulations against charging more or denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

It also seeks to expand short-term limited duration insurance, which provide a limited amount of benefits and aren’t subject to ACA mandates and rules for those with pre-existing conditions. Under the ACA, these plans are limited to three months, intended for people between jobs or moving off their parents’ health plans. The executive order seeks to extend these plans to a year.

The order also seeks to expand businesses’ ability to use health reimbursement arrangements, which allow employers to pay for employees’ medical expenses, outside the regulations of the ACA.

Proponents of the order claim the changes will create more competition among insurance companies and create more insurance options at lower prices. Critics say Trump’s changes will allow healthy individuals to leave…