The Reality of Taking a Sick Day When You’re Chronically Ill



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chronic condition, The Reality of Taking a Sick Day When You’re Chronically Ill

With reading week now over and deadlines piling up, my hours at both of my jobs picking up and the end of the fall semester looming, things are getting a bit chaotic. And sometimes my body just can’t handle it. When the stress becomes too much, my body is sure to remind me of the fact that I am chronically ill. Cue chronic migraines, wildly fluctuating blood sugars and seizure auras.

I try so very hard to push through it as best I can, but often, the inevitable happens – I physically cannot get out of bed.

Sick days are a funny thing when your body is permanently sick.

You would think that after years of being chronically ill, one would come to accept the idea that yeah, sometimes they have to be realistic about their limitations – they have to take a break more often than most, they have to sacrifice many things to achieve the balancing act required when living with chronic illnesses. You would think. But this is not an easy realization to come to terms with, never mind implement into your life.
And somehow, despite knowing this all at our core, we still feel guilty. I use the term “we” because I know this is a common phenomenon among people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, but I do not mean to speak for anyone but myself.

Calling in sick is an extremely hard thing for…