Woman Shares Photo of What Her Leg Looked Like After a Tick Bite



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woman's leg with red rash on calf

There isn’t just one “look” to a tick bite — it can manifest in many dangerous ways throughout your body. Yet it’s still all too common for people to dismiss the risks associated with ticks. One woman turned to Facebook to share the painful consequences of her tick bite, and a word of warning for others spending time outdoors.

Jennifer Velasquez posted a photo of her leg covered in a red rash earlier this month, with a caption explaining that this is what her leg looked like two years ago when she was bit by a tick at a pumpkin patch in Southern California and contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The post has been shared over 11,000 times.

After seeing all the cute pictures of families at the pumpkin patches, this is a reminder for everyone, When you go to these pumpkin patches and petting zoos and all those fun fall activities, wear pants, long socks and shoes! Make…