Halloween Safety -Don’t Burn Things Down!



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Halloween, Halloween Safety -Don’t Burn Things Down!

The average injuries and fatalities attributed to fires over the Halloween holidays are greater than those during the rest of the year.

Halloween is a cherished tradition in the United States for many reasons. Most enjoy the creativity of deciding what costume to wear, or even create.

Kids love the prospect of seemingly unlimited free candy. Adults usually welcome the first signs of autumn and the threshold of a new holiday season.

Halloween seems to have something to offer for all age groups –even for those who want to stay home and see neighborhood children’s costumes as they stop by and say, “Trick-or-Treat!”

No matter how you decide to enjoy the Halloween celebration, take a moment with your family to ensure it won’t be a Halloween remembered because it was spent in the emergency room.

Last year, we published an article entitled, “Top Halloween Injuries – A Scary Surprise,” which highlighted the top Halloween-related injuries. In addition, we offered safety tips to avoid injury during the holiday fun. This year, we decided to concentrate on fire awareness. It only takes a small effort to ensure safety from fires; otherwise, it might only take a careless moment that changes everything forever.

Halloween Fire Incidents

The U.S. Fire Administration reported in a recent three-year study that over 10,000 Halloween fires were accidentally started. These Halloween fires resulted in 125 injuries, over $83 million in property loss, and 25…