4 Workplace Benefits You Need if You Have Kids



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Though having a good set of workplace benefits is crucial regardless of your situation at home, if you have children, there are certain key benefits you shouldn’t overlook. If you’re in the market for a new job, make sure your potential employer offers these much-needed perks.

1. Subsidized health insurance

Different companies subsidize health insurance to varying degrees, so the more your employer is willing to pick up the tab, the more affordable your health plan will be. Having a subsidized plan is especially critical if you have kids and are therefore looking at costlier premiums.

This year, the average employer-sponsored family health plan cost $18,764 in premiums. Of that, employers paid an average of $13,050, leaving workers to cover just $5,714 of that total. That’s huge.

Of course, it could be the case that your employer is willing to pay for the bulk of your health plan, but stick you with a lousy one. And that’s not a great situation. So not only should you make sure your employer will pay for the bulk of your coverage, but also that the coverage itself is decent.

workplace, 4 Workplace Benefits You Need if You Have Kids

2. Paid time off

U.S. companies aren’t known for their generosity when it comes to paid time off. The average American worker gets just 10 days of paid time off per year, and that often includes vacation and sick time. The problem with a stingy time-off policy is that if you have kids, you’re almost guaranteed to exceed your allotted days. Between school closings and germs, you’re apt to encounter a host of scenarios where your children are home and need to be watched over, so aim to find a company whose vacation policy is not only decent but flexible. For example, it could be that your employer offers 15 days of paid time off, but also allows you to work on weekends to boost…