Eat Breakfast and Nix Night Eating for Weight Loss After 60



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eating, Eat Breakfast and Nix Night Eating for Weight Loss After 60

Today’s post explores the idea of eating three meals a day as a way of maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess weight.

The response to my previous article on snacking was wonderful. You shared many comments on how you manage your weight as well as challenges you face.

Sharing your stories helps us all learn that there is more than one way to accomplish your goal. Most of the women who left feedback, agreed that unfocused snacking leads to trouble when you are trying to manage your weight.

In my experience as a health coach, there is a certain pattern that almost always leads to weight problems. Notice I said “almost” not always, because we are unique beings and what happens for most does not happen for all. I’d like to explain why night eaters are more prone to weight gain.

Why Breakfast Is Important

Morning is the best time to eat a substantial meal (fruit, eggs, vegetables, steel cuts oats, for example) to give you energy for the day and to give your body time to burn it off.

A night eater is too likely to wake up not feeling hungry in the morning. They may skip breakfast, only to find themselves with low energy all morning and then overeating through the afternoon and evening.

It’s easy to tell ourselves things like ‘I’m not very hungry this morning, so I’ll save my calories for later.’ This pattern of thinking and acting can easily lead to…