US Could Save $627 Billion with EMR Adoption



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I was happy to find this data regarding the amount of money that can be saved by implementing and using Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The interactive graphics show numerically what we already know; the healthcare industry is extremely inefficient and many opportunities exist for significant savings resulting in better streamlined patient care.

By year 15 of 90% EMR adoption in the U.S., a savings of $627.5 billion could be realized. (Mean average yearly savings of $41.8 billion)

Another example of how EMR can benefit the physicians and patients, is the time it takes for paper versus electronic medical records to go from one physician to another (click the link for another great interactive map). The whole paper process can be greatly simplified by implementing EMR, and EMR can even reduce the amount of errors.

Hopefully physicians and healthcare organizations alike will realize that the investment and training necessary for EMR implementation and usage will help to make patient care more efficient and cost effective. We’re talking big money here!