What to Remember on Days Your Illness Makes You Feel Like Giving Up



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Dear You,

You are absolutely right. This does suck, it’s not fair, you do deserve better. This is not what you had planned and you would have done more if you had been given the chance. But you weren’t given that chance and my heart breaks for you.

I won’t tell you it gets easier or better. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I did and let’s face it, it may not get easier. It may not get better. It may get harder and it may get worse. I won’t tell you not to lose hope, that one day there will be a cure for your incurable illnesses, that you need to be strong and try new treatments as they become available. I won’t tell you not to lose hope when they don’t work.

I won’t tell you this is all part of some plan, that it’s for the best. I won’t tell you this will make you a better and stronger person or that what you’re going through is a lesson of some sort. I…