NSC 2017: In NASCAR and In Life, Safety Never Takes a Holiday




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Kyle Petty NASCAR
Kyle Petty NASCAR

For the Petty family, “Racing to Zero” means developing innovations to keep NASCAR drivers safe on the race track.

For NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, safety is part of life both on and off the track, and this was apparent as he spoke to attendees at the National Safety Congress in Indianapolis.

Petty comes from a long line of accomplished NASCAR drivers and, as he explained, staying safe on the track is something that is top priority.

“Safety never takes a holiday,” he said. “You have to be on 24/7. You always have to know what’s going on.”

Trophies never meant anything to Petty’s grandfather, Lee Petty, when he began racing in 1949. For him, racing cars was about feeding his family. Back then, safety was on the back burner. In fact, Petty’s grandfather believed that seat belts were the worst thing that happened to the auto industry because “you were safer if you were thrown outside the car than remaining inside.”

Throughout the next few decades, safety innovations greatly improved safety in the racing circuit. The…