Nucor Teammates and First Responders Participate in Mock Explosion Safety Drill



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NORFOLK, NE — You never know when disaster will strike.

When it does, hope for the best but be prepared.

The culture of Nucor promotes safety first in the workplace, which is why they held a mock mass casualty drill on Tuesday.

“If we aren’t safe we don’t get to go home to our families.” Says Nucor Safety Director, Chris Sila. “We have a great team of folks here that take a lot of time training on our QRT team, our rescue team. They give a lot of their time to help their teammates be safe here at work.”

The mock 911 call reported eight victims with one presumed dead after an explosion at one of the billet bays. First on the scene was Nucor’s trained teammates on the Quick Response Team (QRT).

Chair and member of the QRT Blacey Bennett says they take drills like this seriously.

“Right now we are running with 23 EMTs and five EMRs on site….