Safety on the sidelines? How Colorado high school sports safety policies stack up



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, Safety on the sidelines? How Colorado high school sports safety policies stack up

At any moment, injury can happen in high school athletics.

Student-Athletes like Maria Munoz, who plays soccer and softball at Central High School in Pueblo know that all too well.

“I lost consciousness for a bit, I had forgot everything that had happened,” said Munoz.

Munoz has had three diagnosed concussions in three years.

Her first came at the age of 13 while playing softball, her second concussion happened shortly after while playing soccer.

“I was actually going up to grab a ball and I was about five feet from another person and he just blasted me in the face with the ball, so I fell back, I lost consciousness, I got dizzy, I couldn’t remember a thing, so there I go again with another concussion,” said Munoz. “When your head gets hit, the brain rattles and it can cause inflammation, so she basically just told me to rest for two weeks.”

Munoz suffered her third concussion during her junior year at Central High School during a play at the plate in a softball game.

Injuries like Munoz’ is something district administrators and athletic directors see around southern Colorado on a regular basis.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries, we’ve seen a lot of the concussions, we go through the protocols and concussions and we make sure that our athletic trainers are taking care of the athletes, we have our ambulance services available right there on the spot,” said Rich Macias, Athletic Director for Pueblo City Schools.

While Colorado High School athletics leaders on the state level tell the I-Team at News 5 they merely provide guidelines and suggestions for local school districts to follow with regards to athlete safety and injury protocols, local districts set their own individual policies.

The goal of state leaders is to keep kids as safe as possible said Rhonda Blanford-Green, Commissioner for the Colorado High School Activities Association.

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