Marijuana legalisation: Construction industry worried



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marijuana, Marijuana legalisation: Construction industry worried
Some experts say even having smoked marijuana the day beforecan affect performand is dangerous jobs like construction where things like balance, reflexes and judgement all come into play

Photo Credit: Todd Korol/Reuters

With the legalization of cannabis to be announced on or near July 1, next year, many industries are very concerned about impairment on the job.

It is well-known that the construction industy is fraught with dangers requiring workers to be alert at all times.

Construction is already a dangerous career. In Ontario in 2015, there were 281 construction industry fatalities, and 51.570 injuries. © Eduardo Lima/Canadian Press

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, and the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) is the largest association representing industrial, commercial, and institutional contractors in in the province.

Quoted in the Timmins Today news OGCA president Clive Thurston says, “If this becomes part of our mainstream lives, it’s going to have a deadly impact”.

In a letter in July to the provincial Attorney General, the OGCA wrote, “We are concerned that the issues we have with impairment and the use of intoxicating substances is a threat to worker safety, and legalization of cannabis is about to make this problem much worse…

Coroners’ inquests on workplace traumatic fatalities have determined that up to 40% of workplace fatalities are materially contributed to by cannabis and other drugs. … It is our experience that the abuse of substances is a growing issue with our workplaces, and the legalization of cannabis will significantly increase…