Young cancer patients’ stories featured in Woodlands gallery



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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Six children fighting cancer scored their own reality showcase. A photo gallery opening in The Woodlands this weekend captured months of raw, emotional ups and downs. Its stars cannot wait to share their stories.

Bailee Malmgren, 5, is fighting Down Syndrome and Leukemia. She is one of six whose battle with cancer will be on display at Glade Gallery Saturday in photographer Sherina Welch’s “More Than Four Project.” It aims to raise awareness to disparities in cancer research funding and boost support for pediatric cancer through a gallery that shows Rio, Dylan, Colt, Bailee, Willow and Jessy’s private ups and downs during treatment.

“My name is Willow (Kreitz), and I have Leukemia,” Willow said.

“My first name is Jessica and I fought Hodgkins Lymphoma,” said Jessy Sowell, another survivor.

“My mom signed…