Beloved Wendy’s manager fighting breast cancer gets a big surprise from Hoda




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Dahlia Clark Hanshaw is a Wendy’s manager in Norwalk, Connecticut, who has the spirit of an Olympic champion.

She now relies on that inner force to get her through the fight of her life. Four months ago, doctors diagnosed Hanshaw with breast cancer.

But while weekly chemotherapy treatments may sometimes sap Hanshaw of her normally boundless energy, they can’t tap into her spirit. It’s why the nurses who see her every Monday at Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center wanted to honor her as part of TODAY’s #PinkPower series raising breast cancer awareness.

“From the beginning, Dahlia was very special, but she also had this spirit that just overcame it all,” said Patricia Poniros, one of the nurses at the Connecticut hospital.

Hanshaw is just as beloved by her employees.

“She’s a perfect example that you keep going in life. And you smile. And I love her for that,” said Tanya Sanchez.

Hanshaw’s attitude about life stems from her…