Season of the itch: Treating pets’ allergies



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type I hypersensitivity, Season of the itch: Treating pets’ allergies

By Dr. Gerald Bellin, DVM

Wildwood Animal Hospital and Clinic LLC

The itchy season is in high stride right now for our pets. This can be very irritating for not only our furry friends but us as pet parents too. You may remember the sleepless nights because your doggie is shaking the bed all night with scratching or licking its feet until they are hairless and bright red. This is commonly a result of seasonal environmental allergies, or “atopy.”

Allergies can present in many different ways depending on the source of the allergy. Most commonly seen are environmental, flea, and food allergies. Most of us think allergies show up as stuffiness, congestion, and puffy eyes, but this is not the case for our pets. Dogs and cats usually have continued skin and ear problems over weeks to months.

Just as in humans, these allergies are a lifelong commitment. There may be chronic skin irritation, itching, licking, and skin infection as the allergies progress. Eventually, we need to help…