When Your Best Form of Self-Care Is a Hibernation Bubble



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Self-care, When Your Best Form of Self-Care Is a Hibernation Bubble

Over the course of my illness I have learned a few things that have helped me immensely during my worst flare times. One of my most important “coping tricks” is my hibernation bubble. This is my fortress of solitude, my self-care zone. Every few weeks (or sometimes every week) when my symptoms get so intense that they overwhelm every single one of my senses, I activate my hibernation bubble.

You may be thinking, “What on earth is a hibernation bubble?” Well, it’s pretty much like it sounds: I go into my form of hibernation. I log out of most, if not all, of my social media accounts. This is not because I don’t love my friends, but I’m an extremely empathetic person and my emotions and stress levels can send this horrible illness into more of a devastating spiral, if I don’t control them.

Another part of the bubble is, I don’t have people over. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t want you to see me like this. I can’t get my house clean or presentable, and I can’t entertain anyone. I can’t even handle myself, let alone adding more people and their stresses into the mix.

I give myself permission to not answer texts or messages or right away, without feeling guilty about it. This is huge. I use to feel guilty about not responding right away, but there are times where I need to focus on me and my needs and not what other people need. This sounds incredibly selfish and it took me a long time to be OK and not be overwhelmed with guilt for this. But, me and my…