Avoiding the big pinch



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The general construction industry has plenty of horror stories of how employees are injured. Bolting tasks should be fairly benign but they are not. Hydraulic and electrically powered equipment generate thousands of foot-pounds to tighten bolts. One stat says about 50% of construction injuries are to hands and fingers.


HTL Group says its hands-free bolting tools are easy to use, and with accessories, they significantly reduce the risk of hand-related injuries and dropped objects.

Although most bolting-equipment manufacturers and wind-farm safety managers constantly preach safety, it takes only a brief lapse of attention to put fingers where they should not be and suffer the painful consequences.

At least two companies that have recognized the hazard have also developed tools to keep construction worker’s hands and those of wind techs on O&M crews out of harm’s way.

This first one, from UK based HTL Group, comes in a line of tools called Hands-Free Bolting. The company says the product range can help prevent common injuries when using bolting equipment in an array of industry sectors.

HTL adds that although the product has many mechanical applications, the devices are well suited to the controlled-bolting market due to the challenges faced when working on bolted joints on the ground or at height.