Bernita Croslan Ministries takes a serious approach to mental illness



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entrepreneurship, Bernita Croslan Ministries takes a serious approach to mental illness
Bernita Croslan (photo provided)

As founder of Bernita Croslan Ministries, Bernita Croslan is on a mission to encourage, embrace and empower women to be healed from brokenness through a spiritual and mental recovery. One of her most renowned ministry events is “The Recovery Room,” a panel-led open forum designed to help women release pain and receive healing from various issues in a spiritual and practical atmosphere. Also a co-pastor Restored Life Bible Church, here Croslan shares why she became an entrepreneur, her perspective on mental illness and the church’s role.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I have always had a deep desire to serve. My passion is to help women see beyond their now and realize the potential in their future. My inspiration came from watching how women recovered from the encounters from my conference The Recovery Room. It has been an overwhelming experience for me and also the countless women from city to city.

Tell us about your women’s conference.
The Recovery Room conference is not the average conference where you register and listen to sessions. My desire is to allow women to have their voices heard. My number one mission is to secure the women with privacy. This allows each woman to open their hearts to the sessions. No video taping so each woman will sense that this is a “safe place.” I always have at least two or three other ladies involved on a panel with me to answer whatever questions that will come from each woman. The ladies can write whatever they please on a card anonymously, and the panel address each question or statements. If they desire to ask questions, we keep a open microphone. Often times in the conference women are usually embracing one another with deep compassion because of the loving atmosphere. This conference also involves different singers, or dancers before the session starts.

What inspires you to continue hosting the workshops for…