The 2-Minute Guide: EHR and EMR Costs



Purchasing and integrating an electronic medical record (EMR) / electronic health record (EHR) system into your practice workflow can be costly. However, the benefits of EMR systems can be worth the financial investment and may even help your practice save money in the long run. Besides the initial EHR / EMR costs, there are hardware, implementation, training, and maintenance costs to consider when purchasing a new system.

While there may be high costs associated with purchasing and installing EMR systems, the overall benefits of adopting EMR can save you time and money in the long run. Additionally, there are ways to finance your EMR system purchase and there are also government payment incentives to help finance electronic medical records adoption.

To find out more about the costs associated with EMR and EHR systems, view the following 2-Minute Guide on EHR and EMR Costs.

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