How you can help an alcoholic get treatment


How you can help an alcoholic get treatment

How to Help an Alcoholic Get Treatment?

If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol abuse, and wants to get help but doesn’t know how to get there, we can help. First, you’ll want to talk with that person about the seriousness of their drinking and how it is potentially affecting them. Next, offer information on resources which they might find helpful in the quest for sobriety. Support for someone who wants treatment may fall under a number of categories such as emotional support, financial support or logistical support (i.e., if they need a ride). You may also want to consider providing education and information on alcohol-related issues such as myths and facts about alcoholism. Also, if the person is employed, encourage them to notify their employer that they are seeking treatment to avoid a possible misunderstanding that could result in dismissal from the job.

What to do when alcoholic family member relapse?

Family members are often confused about the best way to help a loved one who is abusing alcohol. It’s important for family and friends to understand that you can’t “talk a person out of” using alcohol or somehow make it stop. The only thing you can do is motivate them into accepting their problem and getting help from others who are trained in alcohol-abuse recovery techniques. It may be difficult at first, but remember – with support, education and time – most people do reach out for help if they are ready.

There are many ways to help a person who has an alcohol use problem to get treatment. Follow these steps Helping Someone Get Treatment, to help both yourself and the person with the alcohol use problem.