Active with asthma


Can you be active with asthma?

Can you exercise while having asthma?

If you’re an asthmatic, the last thing you want is to stop exercising for fear of hurting yourself or having a bad reaction. And it’s not just your emotional state that suffers as a result; the lack of activity can lead to weight-gain, poor stamina, depression, and even cardiovascular problems if left unchecked. However, there are ways for almost any asthma sufferer to safely get back into shape.

Can working out trigger asthma?

The first thing to do is to consult a physician. Asthma has many different triggers, and not everyone experiences the same symptoms. While exercise is a healthy habit, it may be problematic for you if it sets off your asthma. Your doctor will likely recommend staying away from vigorous exercise during peak asthma hours (roughly 3-6AM).

You should also get an exercise routine checked by your doctor, just as you would check any other aspect of your health routine before you start exercising. Sometimes what we think is intense exercise is really just walking or stretching exercises. You should be aware of what your physical limits are.

Does being active help asthma?

All that being said, healing yourself to a healthy state is entirely possible with the right knowledge and discipline. Getting the help of a doctor or health professional is a great first step. Once you are in shape, you won’t have to worry about overdoing it and hurting your asthma. Your overall health will benefit as well, so you’ll feel better and have more energy on any given day.

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