Can you walk your way to a healthier heart? What you need to know

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A lot of people are in situations where they don’t have time to exercise. Between office deadlines, family obligations, and a hectic schedule, it can seem impossible to find time for a brisk walk. But the good news is that there are ways to squeeze physical activity into your day so you can still make it happen!

How do I overcome no time to exercise?

All you need is about 15 minutes out of every hour on most days. You can’t break your day down into 15-minute segments and expect to exercise without interruption. Instead, you’ll need to include exercise in whatever else you plan to do during your day.

How to add physical activity to your workday routine?

What follows is a list of the best ways to sneak in the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity every day:

1. Walk between appointments.

If you have errands or appointments scheduled throughout the day, try walking to each one instead of driving. It’s a simple way to burn extra calories and stay healthy without interrupting your schedule. You can also get some extra walking in by parking at the far end of parking lots or walking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator whenever possible.

2. Take a break to stretch.

In between tasks, take a few moments to stretch. When you’re typing at the computer, get up and do some arm circles or shoulder rolls. If you’re on the phone, stand up and do some leg or hip stretches. You can even walk during these stretches if you need to move around!

3. Add a little hop in your step.

If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, why not try dancing for 20 of them? There are tons of places that offer dance classes—everything from ballroom dancing to Latin dancing to line dancing—which are great ways to fit fun exercise into your schedule. After you’ve danced for a while, you can go out dancing with friends!

4. Set a timer and do some stretches.

If you find yourself feeling restless, but don’t have time to go out for a run or workout, set a timer for 15 minutes and do some basic stretching exercises. You can even choose a special set of exercises that fits your needs and goals (such as losing weight or gaining muscle).

5. Take up walking instead of driving to work.

If you drive to work, see if there’s another route you could take that would be healthier—perhaps one with sidewalks or bike paths. Then, try taking that route at least once a week. You can also get some extra exercise in by taking public transportation instead of driving.

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