Our Reviewer Guidelines: Honesty and Objectivity

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At MedicalRecords.com, our goal is to provide transparent, unbiased reviews of healthcare products, services, apps, and tools you can trust. We maintain strict reviewer policies to uphold our standards.

Who Writes Our Reviews?

Our in-house team of experienced healthcare writers and medical professionals writes most of our reviews.
We occasionally work with freelance writers who have expertise in a specific area. These writers are clearly identified as freelancers on their review bylines.

Editorial Oversight

All reviews, whether written by staff or freelancers, go through an extensive editorial and fact-checking process overseen by our medical review board. This ensures accuracy and objectivity.

Compensation and Free Products

We never accept payments from companies in exchange for reviews.
If a company provides us with free products to evaluate, we disclose that clearly at the beginning of the review. Receiving free products does not influence our impartially.

Enforcing Our Standards

If we discover any MedicalRecords.com reviewer, staff, or freelancer accepting compensation for a review, they will be immediately dismissed.

Your Feedback

If you ever notice a review that seems biased, promotional, or not appropriately identified, please contact us immediately at reviews@medicalrecords.com. Your feedback helps us constantly improve.

Our Promise to You

We understand the vital role we play as objective reviewers in the healthcare industry. Our commitment is to provide ratings and reviews readers can trust. Thank you for your support!