The medicines used for
asthma are often delivered through a metered-dose
inhaler (MDI). Using an MDI with a mask spacer:

  • Helps a young child get an accurate dose of
  • Delivers most of a measured dose of medicine directly to
    your child’s lungs.
  • Can help keep your child’s asthma symptoms
    under control and allow your child to live an active life.
  • May prevent or reduce side effects of the
  • May let your child use less medicine than is found in a
    pill but get the same effect.
  • May result in the medicine working
    faster than a pill form.

How to help your child use a metered-dose inhaler with a mask spacer

Before using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) with a mask

  1. Talk with your doctor to be sure that you
    know how to use the MDI and mask spacer correctly. Be sure your child uses them
    exactly as your doctor has prescribed.
  2. Depending on his or her age,
    teach your child how to check that he or she has the correct medicine. If your
    child uses several inhalers, put a label on each one so that he or she knows
    which one to use at the right time. Consider using different colors or stickers
    to help your child see the difference between medicines.
  3. Check the
    label of the inhaler medicine to see how many inhalations should be in the
    canister. If you and your child know how many breaths he or she can take, the
    inhaler can be replaced before it runs out. Learn how to test the canister to
    estimate how much medicine is left. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you and
    your child with this.


ByHealthwise Staff
Primary Medical Reviewer John Pope, MD – Pediatrics
Specialist Medical Reviewer Martin J. Gabica, MD – Family Medicine

Current as ofMarch 25, 2017