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Accelerated, or rush, immunotherapy is done very quickly to increase
your tolerance to an allergen. There are different schedules for the shots that
try to achieve a maintenance dose more quickly than standard immunotherapy. For
example, a rush immunotherapy schedule might include:

  • Shots given every few hours instead of every few
    days or weeks.
  • Maintenance dose reached in 1 to 8 days.

All immunotherapy should be done in a doctor’s office or clinic so
that emergency care is available.

Rush immunotherapy may be done if:

  • You have a life-threatening
    allergy to insect venom, and the insect season is
    about to start.
  • Shots are only available in a clinic that is far
    away from your home, and you cannot come in once a week for
  • You have severe
    allergic asthma.
  • You are about to


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