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You can help control pain in
Paget’s disease by:

  • Keeping a pain diary. A diary can show patterns
    such as when your pain is worse and what makes it better or worse. This may
    help you plan ways to adjust your activities and take your medicines on a
    schedule that helps control your pain. See an example of a
    pain diary (What is a PDF document?).
  • Using pain medicines. If your doctor or nurse gives you pain
    medicine, take it exactly as directed. Many people try to wait until pain is
    very bad before they take medicine for their pain. Pain medicine works best
    when the level of medicine in the body stays constant. You need to take it
    before pain becomes severe.
  • Changing body positions to see whether
    certain positions reduce your pain.
  • Trying relaxation techniques,
    such as
    guided imagery or

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