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Hidden costs related to in-home child care
include additional:

  • Electricity for heating, air conditioning, and
  • Household expenses (such as food, laundry, and utilities)
    if the provider is living in your home.

Hidden costs related to out-of-home child care
may include:

  • Loss of income if you cannot work overtime
    because you need to pick up your child from the provider before a certain time.
    You also may lose income if you have to stay home from work when your child is
    sick and cannot attend child care.
  • Payment for the days your child is absent due to illness or vacation.
  • Additional expense (late fees or
    extended hours fees) if your child needs to stay beyond the provider’s usual
  • Extra expenses for teacher gifts, donations to fund drives,
    and charges for special events, such as day trips or special
  • Extra gas expenses to take your child to child care if the
    provider is not on your usual route to and from work.
  • Extra
    expenses for food and supplies (such as formula, diapers, clothes, blankets,
    and toys) that may be required by the child care provider.

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Current as ofMay 4, 2017

Current as of:
May 4, 2017