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In general, seek caregivers who are trained in child care issues
as well as educated in child growth and development. Specific recommendations vary by position and type of child
care facility. Directors should have a
college degree, have experience in child care, and provide ongoing training
opportunities for all staff.

Ask the following questions about the child care providers of group
care facilities:

Education level and training

  • What are the education and training
    requirements for staff members? What childhood development classes or
    certifications are required?
  • Are children who have special needs
    enrolled in the facility? If so, what kind of special training do staff members
  • Are staff encouraged to continue their child care education
    by attending workshops and lectures?
  • Are staff trained in general
    health care practices?
  • Are staff members certified in basic first
    aid and emergency care? Does at least one staff member have advanced first aid

General background and personality

  • Have all staff members had a thorough
    background check, including fingerprinting?
  • How do staff handle
    children’s difficult behavior?
  • Are staff members sensitive to the
    needs and abilities of shy children? Are staff members willing to let me help
    my child transition to a new routine?
  • Can I observe for a while?
    (It should be obvious from watching the children that they enjoy being with the

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