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Most mothers can produce enough milk to
breastfeed two or more babies. If you have twins or
triplets, breastfeeding becomes more physically and emotionally challenging.
But with support and guidance, you can be successful.

Breastfeeding fosters the bond between you and each baby. Since
multiples often are born prematurely, the protective factors (antibodies) in breast milk are especially important
for them.

Get assistance from a health professional, a
breastfeeding specialist (lactation specialist), or another person with
expertise in breastfeeding multiple-birth babies. Special techniques often are
recommended for multiples. These may include:

  • Feeding the babies one at a time until they learn
    to latch on to the breast.
  • Feeding two infants at the same time
    after you are comfortable feeding one at a time. The
    cradle hold or the
    football hold often are advised. (You may also choose to feed the infants one at
    a time.)
  • Pumping breast milk after your milk supply is established
    so that others can help you feed the babies.
  • Using formula to supplement breast
    milk feedings.

Other Places To Get Help


La Leche League International

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Women’s Health


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