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When visiting a treatment center to see whether the program offered
there meets your and your family member’s needs, ask the following

About the staff

  • Are the counselors certified chemical
    dependency counselors (CDC)? Counselors who are certified have special training
    in counseling people who have substance use problems.
  • Are any medical doctors
    associated with the program? If so, are they certified by the American Society
    of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)? Doctors who are certified have special training
    in dealing with people who have substance use problems.

About the program

  • What treatment therapies are used in the
    program? Is it a 12-step program alone or does the program contain cognitive
    therapy and/or medicine therapy?
  • How much time do you spend in the
    program a day, and how many weeks or months does the program last? Does the
    program have aftercare?
  • What has been the success rate for people
    going through the program? How has success been evaluated (number completing
    the program, years not drinking)?
  • Does the treatment program offer
    special services to meet women’s needs, such as female therapists, female-only
    groups, or assistance with child care?
  • Does the treatment program
    address any special concerns that a person from a particular culture or
    religious background (such as Native Americans or Catholics) might have?

Other questions

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Primary Medical Reviewer E. Gregory Thompson, MD – Internal Medicine
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Martin J. Gabica, MD – Family Medicine
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Specialist Medical Reviewer Peter Monti, PhD – Alcohol and Addiction
Christine R. Maldonado, PhD – Behavioral Health

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