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What are the signs of drug use and dependence?

The signs of drug use depend on the drug and the person
using the drug. Behaviors that may be signs of a drug use problem include:

  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits, less
    attention to dressing and grooming, or less interest in sex.
  • Up
    and down moods, a mood or attitude that is getting worse, or not caring about
    the future.
  • Anger toward others or treating others
  • Sneaky behavior, lying, or stealing.
  • Poor family
    relationships, or relationships that are getting worse.
  • New
    problems at work or school, or problems with the law.
  • Dropping old
    friends and activities, finding new friends, and not wanting old friends to
    meet them.

Having these signs doesn’t always mean a person is using
drugs. The behavior could be because of work or school stress, or it could be a
sign of
depression or another medical problem. But behavior
changes like these are common in people who misuse drugs.

signs of drug use and dependence include:

  • Red eyes, a sore throat, a dry cough, and
    feeling tired.
  • Needle marks on the arm or other area of the
  • Small, “pinpoint” pupils in the eyes.
  • Losing
    weight without trying to, or not feeling like eating.
  • Changes in sleep behavior, such as not sleeping as well.
  • Seeing things that don’t exist (hallucinations).

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